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Welcome to the online home of the Chapel of the Annunciation, Archbishop Vining College of Theology Akure.

The Chapel of the Annunciation is a christian family where  every soul matters and providing holistic pastoral and spiritual support for all in their christian journey, reaching out as light into the darkness of the world. Our chapel is keen to see every member grow into witnessing believers and disciples of the Lord. We take evangelism and youth ministry seriously while Agape is central to our fellowship.

The Chapel of the Annunciation belongs to the Archbishop Vining College of Theology, Akure. It is open to believers who wish to fellowship in a place that offers a different style of worship to the traditional Anglican parish. It is a lively group of people, men and women, professionals and youths who love and serve the Lord. It is within the Anglican tradition and although it is based in Akure, it does not, strictly speaking belong to Akure Anglican Diocese but it relates to the Diocese on a variety of things.

The Dean of the College is the Vicar of the Chapel and is supported by the Chaplain in offering ministry to the members of the congregation.


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