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Every Soul Matters. Luke 19: 1 – 10

November 26th, 2011 | Posted by Administrator in Uncategorized

It was God’s plan to save the human race using the Jewish race. With the coming of our Lord Jesus, God brought this nearer to reality. Jesus was often surrounded by a crowd of people to whom he preached. The crowds were often so large that he could be forgiven for not recognisong an individual. Zacchaeus, a chief tax collector and a notorious sinner could have been overlooked so easily. He was a very short man.

Zacchaeus was very eager not only to see Jesus but also to be seen by him. He climbed a fig tree. Jesus saw him; he did not ignore him. He recognised him and offered to visit his house.

In spite of God’s broad vision for humanity, he is truly concerned about the salvation and well being of the individual because every soul matters to him. Whatever your situation, know that God recognises you; whatever your height, status or stature; you matter to God and He cannot overlook or ignore you. May we be motivated by this in serving faithfully and also in recognising and honouring every member of our society because every soul truly matters to God and so they must to us

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