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Church Groups

The church is administered by the Vicar/Dean, assisted by the Chaplain, members of the team ministry and members of the Chapel Council made up of men and women and youth representatives. They meet monthly to pray and to discuss chapel matters, programmes and its progress.

There are a variety of groups within the church including the Youth Wing called the Green Olives, The Choir and Worship section, The Mother’s Union and Women Organisation.

Different committees including Welfare Committee, Evangelism Committee, Project & Finance Committee etc also exist within the church.

The Green Olives.

The Green Olives is the youth fellowship and is open to all youth in the church. The group meets regularly on Fridays in the church auditorium.

Family Fellowships

The Chapel of the Annunciation has family fellowships spread around the town. These fellowships are a wonderful avenue for studying the word of God and receiving encouragement. Members of the family fellowships also provide additional support for one another. Some fellowships also organise special programmes. The details of the fellowships and their meeting dates are shown below.

  • Ijapo Family Fellowhip
  • Alagbaka Family Fellowship

For further information about joining a family fellowship, please use the contact form


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